Good to say hello to 2014" Happy New Year"

Posted on January 2, 2014 at 2:25 AM

Whether its a start or end of the year family should always be close to us. When our loved ones are around us it feels good and accomplished to see them happy and together,  and that how we should welcome our new year, 2014. Happy New Year to every one. So now we all have welcomed new year 2014 and along with that vaastu will help bring some love, luck and peace in our lives with Sampurna vaastu tips, which are easy to follow for new year.

First tip of vaastu always, always get rid of clutter and things which you  have not used for more than three months which accumulate in the corners, under beds, in cabinets, in garages, behind sofas etc. or cabinets over your hand reach and you were unable to open them daily. Clutter means creating stress for your own self, you are dragging your own energy down and controlling your own productivity and financial decisions. Make a prediction for your self to do it. I am sure you will do it.

Rip all the extra papers and through them in recycle bin, regularly, Go Paperless!!!!!!!

Make short term plans, Will encourage you to be accomplished. Write your previous years mistakes and don't repeat them:)

Accomplish short term goals and make plan for long term planning. Some things are out of our control don't regret too much, try not to waste, what you have is called saving your future!

Balancing elements in your house, keeping your center of the house empty ( Brahma Sthan).

North zone of your house try to bring water in your North/ North east. brings prosperity.

Good relation with in your family keep your south west zone of the house for master bedroom and bring Love birds or a showpeice of Dove of peace.

keep red decor in south east direction.

Make sure when you are doing your prayers, always take burning insense to all the rooms and all the corners of the rooms, take away the stagnant negative energy away from your house. don't forget  behind the main doors.

Take some camphor in a bowl, burn it and walk along the sides of each room of the house thereby allowing the space to be filled with the fragrance of camphor. 

Wishing You All Good Health, Wealth, Happiness, Love and Peace For all.

New Year 2014


Sampurna Vaastu.

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